Radiant Squares is a full-service photography company based out of Dallas, Texas.


Radiant Squares currently focuses on commercial, medical and product photography throughout the Dallas/Fort-Worth Metroplex. However, if you look at the portfolio section of this site, or on Facebook, you will see that there is always room for diversity. Feel free to request a free quote for whatever your photography needs may be.

Every shoot comes with a complimentary online gallery which stays up for one month from the shoot date. This gallery is to aid the client in chosing their final images to have retouched.

Unless otherwise stated, a set number of images are retouched as part of the shoot price. This will typically be agreed upon before the shoot date. Additional images can be edited for a flat fee per image.

One CD/DVD with the final edited images in high resolution will be provided upon completion of the edits.
Additional copies of the disks are available for a nominal fee.

If the client prefers, the images can also be put into a zip file and uploaded to my ftp for easy download. This usually ensures faster delivery as there is no postage or delivery involved.

When booking headshots, I will give a discounted rate for groups of four or more. I wil also include a complimentary group shot for groups of 6 or more, should the client desire one.

*** SPECIAL ***

I've heard several people mention that they don't want individual head shots (or a group shot) of their staff members because they are worried about having to pay to have a photographer come back for a re-shoot if they have turnaround. And they are right to feel that way. It is quite an investment to make with uncertainty looming ahead.
That is why, in response to this, I've decided that clients who book head shots with Radiant Squares will be eligeable for a complimentary replacement shot should one (or more) of their employees be replaced within the first six months after the shoot date. I will also give a 50% discount for the following six months after that, should they go through personel replacement after the first six months.
This should alleviate some of the worry and stress of having individual head shots done.

For answers to any questions or for more information, please visit the "Contact" page.


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