Radiant Squares is a full-service photography company based out of Dallas, Texas.


I found photography in high school, while taking a black & white introductory course.  While it certainly was not love at first sight, I did enjoy the art of it and the means of expressing myself in a new way.  Though I pursued a bachelors degree in the business realm with no intentions of being a professional photographer, I spent a vast amount of time looking at other photographers' work, reading about techniques and practicing things on my own while in school.  Shortly after I graduated from college, what was once a casual hobby, rapidly turned into a passion.  In one of the marketing jobs I held, I was involved in a fashion shoot and that is when my mind was changed about wanting to pursue photography as a profession.

Not too long after that , I set out on my own and started Radiant Squares.  From head shots to commercial style photography, I make it my goal to capture images that will communicate who you are with feeling and emotion.  I strive to produce high quality work that can either be used to represent you as a person, or to showcase your company.
I am still every bit as devoted to my passion and I am very blessed to be able to do what I love every day.


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